Price Transparency

Manhattan Surgical Hospital supports processes to inform patients about our services.  Patients and families are more likely to have a positive experience when they know as much as possible about their care.  This includes understanding the services they are receiving and price transparency regarding those services. 

In order to comply with regulatory requirements, our hospital is providing lists of our charges.

WARNING:  In almost all cases, what a hospital charges for a particular service is not what it is paid for services.  In reality, hospitals are paid a fraction of what they charge.  Hospitals in general, and Manhattan Surgical Hospital is no exception, accept discounts from charges as a part of participation in health insurance networks or other provider network agreements.  Payments received from insurance for hospital services can be less than half of what is charged, and in some cases payments are one third of charges.

Cost estimator tool     Machine readable file

You may find these guides helpful as you think about the costs of your hospital visit (PDF documents):

If you have questions about this information, or have other questions about pricing or charges for services at MSH, please call 785-776-5100.

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