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Information for Endoscopy patients at Manhattan Surgical HospitalThe Endoscopy nurses at the Manhattan Surgical Hospital (MSH) would like to welcome you!!  Whether you have been dealing with some gastrointestinal issues or if this is your first screening colonoscopy, you can be confident that you are coming to an experienced Endoscopy Department with our doctors and nursing staff.

A few days before your procedure, a nurse will contact you to go over your health history and medications.  We will inform you of your procedure time and your check-in time.  If for some reason, the times are different than what your doctor's office have told you, please know that things might have changed on our procedure schedule and you should come at the time you will be told from MSH.  Other information regarding your visit will be explained at this time as well.

These are a few items that you should remember for your visit:

  • You may pre-register with our business office prior to your procedure day.  Please come a few minutes early if doing this the day of the procedure.  Verification of benefits is not a guarantee of payment by your insurance company.
  • You will need to bring your driver's license/picture ID card, insurance/military ID card when you check in. 
  • Please bring any health information your doctor has asked you to bring, including your list of medications (name, dosage, and how often you take them).  Please bring this even if you've already given your health history to the nurse over the phone.
  • If you have questions regarding your 'prep' for your colonoscopy, we can discuss it during your pre-op call, you may call your doctor's office, or find additional information on their websites. The links are provided below.
  • Please do not bring any valuables or jewelry with you.
  • Women of child-bearing age will need to provide a urine sample upon admission for a pregnancy test unless you have had a tubal ligation or hysterectomy.
  • Your procedure will be canceled if you do not have an adult driver.  Due to the fact that most of our procedures last less than 20 minutes we ask that your driver not leave the building so that the doctor can speak with them after the procedure.
  • The doctor will speak with you before and after your procedure but please be aware, this is a 'procedure day' and you will not have as much time as you typically do for an office visit.  And because of the sedation, you might forget that you even saw the doctor!  That is another good reason for a trusted friend or family member to come with you to your appointment.  You will be instructed to not return to work, drive, or drink any alcohol until the following day.
  • Some procedures end up lasting longer than others, so there could be delays in your procedure time.  It is good to keep in mind that we will take our time with you, so please be patient as we are taking care of others as well.
  • A nurse will contact you following your procedure at home to check and see how you are doing and if you have any questions or concerns about your procedure.  We also encourage you to fill out the Patient Satisfaction Survey. 


For any questions or concerns, contact:
Kasey Runyan, RN
Endoscopy Team Leader

GI Consultants of Manhattan
Dr. W. Travis Dierenfeldt
Dr. Molly Disbrow

Manhattan Gastroenterology
Dr. Paul Zachary

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