Manhattan Surgical Hospital is proud to be a physician-owned hospital. You may be wondering how physician ownership benefits you, the patient, and how physician ownership sets our hospital apart from other health care providers.

Advantages of Manhattan Surgical Hospital being physician owned.In short, physician ownership means that your physician and his or her colleague owners play a major role in deciding how Manhattan Surgical Hospital is run, what equipment and supplies are purchased by the hospital, and how and when surgical procedures are scheduled. Physician ownership reinstates the physician back into the decision-making role, which allows our physicians to deliver the highest quality of dedicated service in the facilities they co-own.

Physician ownership also ensures that patients have the right to access and obtain clear and understandable information regarding the cost of healthcare. This provides patients an opportunity to work with the physician that best suits their needs. Empowered patients translate into educated and responsible consumers who expect nothing but the highest quality and most efficient care for themselves and their family.

A recent survey from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that 93% of Manhattan Surgical Hospital patients would recommend its services to friends and family. Check out Manhattan Surgical Hospital and experience for yourself the difference a physician-owned facility can make.

Manhattan Surgical Hospital – a commitment to patient satisfaction and care